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Accumulation of Asia’s Data

Real time calculation for quality user traffic


Clustering/ Attributions of Group

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Who are my target customers? Where they are?

The God Big Data insists on provides our clients “exposure push”, “effect push” and various of precise orientation. We gather more than 100 types of interest tags, for examples, politic, construction, business, skills, lifestyles, parenting, games, medical, health care and so on. It is available for enterprises to customize target customers instantly when promoting business which in purpose to increase brand influence and ability to drive customers.

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 In 2019, Gob Big Data make the whole world such as France, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia in EU, Canada, Venezuela, US, China, South Korea, India, Egypt, Turkey, these countries with sci-tech power witness to the integration of Malaysia with big data technology and AI, proves that Malaysia had rise with the big data rise in 2012 and China set up big data programme in University in 2017, performed an amazing sign for the global.

Forms of Intelligence Push in Big Data Marketing

The conversion of traffics, users data, brand into money value.

Concept of Big Data Marketing

The data marketing which subverting traditional business

Big data that closely related to precision marketing can be called as “big data marketing” while data acquisition and transmission technology is linking to utilization of big data. Precision push is the fundamental basis of to exercise various orientation and has a great impact on big data marketing. The main purpose of it is to deep mine the target customers for enterprise in order to create integrity of data, fine timeliness, security to presentation. We provide accurate massive data analysis as an insight into the user’s consumption potential, interest and customers’ demand categories to achieve timely, accurate and effective dynamic positioning.
The great commercial value of big data marketing: 1. Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) extrapolates data to improve the success rate of forecasting and projections. 2. Use data to improve the return on investment ratio of the entire management process and industry chain. 3. Utilize data in innovation of business model, product and service to explore new needs and provide enterprises with personalized needs and specific positioning of the target market. Researches show that precision push has the most influential effect on big data marketing and the various orientations render the result of precision marketing. Big data marketing is not an advertisement. It is a commercial exploration that approach to customers directly and finds money.

The characteristics of Big Data -

5 Vs that influence to economic
1.Volume, refers amounts of data generated each second
2.Velocity, refers to speed of access and transmission to the data
3.Variety, refers to diversity of data
4.Value, great worth of data being extracted
5.Veracity, quality or trustworthiness of the data

Currently, it extends to 11 Vs of new dimension. The significance of big data is not about the size, but it’s on how to extract the practical, potential and future values to applied in data usage and processing.

The value of big data is not about the size, but on “usefulness” and “applications”

The Big Data Marketing and R&D technology

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The Application of Precise Marketing

Brief –

Commercial world is like a battlefield. In the era of information explosion in internet field, people previously used to await for other users view their contents released in websites. Now it extends to vast amount of data collection from social media, each platform and applies back to internet marketing after undergoes intelligent analytic to outcome prediction.
Mastering the all relevant characteristics of users able to enhance competitiveness, and bring higher return from investment to enterprises. According to the requirements of our client, we can provide two unique type of broadcasts which are “mass” and “one to one” push with video or graphic media by using various orientations. We able to presents the message to the target that entrepreneur wants, in order to obtain the expected conversion and effect.

Definition -

​The strength of big data marketing is taking the initiative and the effect is controllable

Based on our leading Data Technology, intelligent computing and large database of netizens’ behavior, we exercise the raw data by scientific analysis to discover the characteristics and attached valuable information of users. By execute the decision of entrepreneur, we able to provide the right content in the right time, the right place, the right way, and repeatedly to the right person, even if infected 30% of the people and each person pay one dollar may be constitute into astronomical digital transactions.

Theory -

Choose for Suitable Client

Cookie is kind of web-tracking technology that comprehensively collect information on the Internet and complete the analysis. After comparison, the product characteristics of the industry will correlated and classified.

Big data emphasizes analysis, harnessing all data to find out relevant relationships, and then refines into diversified and valuable data pre-values. We provides a variety of new intelligent pushes for the targeted objects, mainly for the extraction of high-quality people. Harness the big data marketing for no more a simple web release.​

Prerequisites of realization -

Find out the Answer, then Marketing by using it.

One-to-one push: Targets can be locked as required by the entrepreneur. A single message can be sent to one person or countless people. We ensure that the content only appears for target that the entrepreneur wants to present or as peer-to-peer service, instant delivery, and timely results.

One-to-many promotion: The target group filter from tens of millions of people according to the requirements of the industry, and the promotion relies on won by numbers. This mainly for the built of brand awareness and consumer perception.

The one-to-one high-end technology pays attention to analysis of users behavior on searching, talking, and watching from the Internet, when they are interested, what they are looking for, to attract customers and sales.

The latter is a large number of geographical coverage, including more than 81% of the national population, equivalent to unlimited customer sources, bringing more than just traffic and sales, also generate a vast amount of data to meet the industry’s market share requirements.

Review -

To people who entrepreneur wish them to see:

For example, if a Benz dealer wants to send the new-model promotion for customer with a high degree of relevance or have interest to it, the sales must be successful.

Advancing option -

Realize the promotion purpose under two extreme needs of the enterprise with any kind of precise orientation
Making money is important for business, no matter which company, what values they owned, no matter spending money for exposure of brand, “precise push” search for target consumers or “effect push” for traffic, this all for sales.

Long-term investment
The “exposure push” form is aimed at raising brand’s market share and image, help consumers to recognize brand. For example, people will recall on certain brand if want to eat fried chicken. The effect is long-lasting, and even if there is negative news on the brand, the reputation will not be destroyed. However, “exposure push” needs time to build brand awareness.
Short-term profit
The biggest advantage of the “effect push” is instant and brings effect in time, the traffic able to monetize. However, the effect is short term.

In summary, we recommend at least three times of precise orientation promotion in a year.
Based on the clues provided by big data and the needs of the industry to customize orientations and targets to generate different consumption behaviors of consumers. This accounted for 70% growth in the investment in finding new customers.

Matters need attention in promotion -

What effect does the entrepreneur want?
First determine the business objectives to achieve:
1. What is the size of the market?
2. Determine the time and location?
3. What type of target demographic?
4. What interest? purpose? Benefits?
5. Any additional requirements?
6. The goals pursued by the company
It is up to the industry to make the need for orientation.
Applicable areas:
i. Various field ii. Industry 4.0 iii. Internet iv. Internet of Things

Unique selling point -

The break through transmission technology on limits impose to internet users

The one-to-one marketing or peer-to-peer services through one hundred sets of virtual phones developed by R&D to realize the marketing to anyone or unlimited users. Activation of sending or receiving program of the intelligent database system, and directly push the information, graphics and video to the target users, just like confidential point-to-point call. Able to customized effect and optimize the arrangement, time, lock the target group on privatized information push.
At the same time, the attention of public can be grab back from flood of spam every day through one hundred or more virtual devices, pre-occupy valuable groups, and then monitor and adjust the effect after pushing. The data or the number of people covered can truly reflect that the user actually sees the information, and bring a return to the business for every penny spent.


Third-party data vendor –
Data management platform
Through comprehensive integration of data management, data modeling to segment the population, establish an automated marketing strategy, provide in-depth data insight and intelligent management, and direct the industry to make decisions to optimize promotion. On the one hand, it can help those in need, and organize resources according to the types of people. On the other hand, they can choose multi-dimensional oriented technologies such as crowd orientation to help operators accurately target certain demographic. Form effective guidance based on crowd delivery and high-impact conversions.

As an open online marketing market that can connect big data marketing with the industry, about the promotion of high-quality media resources, there is no 100% guarantee on the amount of display and it can only be a kind of estimation effect expect to achieve.

Science lies in the verification, the data lies in validation. In the field of technology, what we can do is only limited by your imagination.

Delivery platform

Equipped platform: Big Data Intelligence Tech – Film and Television Production

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As an independent station for “big data marketing” resources

what we provide to our clients is the initiative approach to customers but not to a passive ad slots

According to the needs of the industry, the data resources can be packaged or sold in a single, and the operators can also provide their own advertisements to us and we do promotion by big data technology.
Provide multi-carrier, multi-channel, multiple forms of intelligent push options. Bring unpredictable multi-party benefits for the economy and trade, enterprises.
1. Other digital media releases, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube or connect to any of our domestic and overseas platforms, wherever the consumers are, we can approach to them in anytime, anywhere.
2.Instant messaging, email, private message, WeChat, application information, etc., and determine the person and its location by satellite positioning. Once the target is locked, it must be received. Every message will be charged.  


God Big Data Founder | Food Critic Malaysia Jacky Liew

God Big Data Founder | Food Critic Malaysia Jacky Liew

Jacky Liew is a award-wining food critic in Malaysia, better known by his pen name Food Master. He possess the title of "Food Critic Malaysia" and "Fod God". Due to his outstanding performance, he was conferred Medal for Outstanding Public Service from the tenth Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia (equivalent to king). It is the great honor for him who trusted by the king to make a descriptive record of royal. He is also a recipient of World Food Gourmet Badges and inducted as Chevalier.
Furthermore, he was ranked among star chefs of Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan in 2014 and included in "Who's who compilation among 100 years" in 2012.

He is also a lecturer and advisor of Today Agriculture College in 2002. In 2006, he was invited to become the National Business Coordinator in Nanyang Press. In 2007, he was involve in political commentary who met with 119 politicians. He won Outstanding Paper Award in 2017. In 2018, Jacky was the research object in the master thesis of University Abdul Rahman Food Review and Its Implication on Malaysia Chinese Food Consumption by Wan Mee San.

Now, he is transformed his path from food review writing to online film recommendation and extends to big data, cloud computing and digital technology. He is dedicated in redefine the current gastronomical field and selection of best food through "data analysis-based promotion" and "intelligent machine technology". This is helping to build a new smart catering and F&B industry.

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