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Everything starts with a concept. 

The origin of “God Big Data” is a connection from the gourmet and writer who have been hailed as the best professions in last century and the data science career which been reviewed  by Harvard Business Review as the sexiest and the highest income job in 21th century. 

The nature of the world is build by data and it is the significant parts that built of human life information which subsequently influence to human value and development of economic. Through the artificial intelligence and various terminals, data enable human to  view the global data from the perspectives of “god”. Through analytic of big data, it enable to predicts future, master the destiny of everyone, just like a god which linked people and information system online to form a “god of data”. Human make use of technology to run their power in “cloud”, provides assistance to people. Take food promotion as examples, application of AI technology to record the preferences of public, turn the taste of human into experimental value and find out the most welcomed flavour by data analysis. Each of the procedures under algorithm, replace the reviews from minority of food critic by public votes. Thus, advanced the traditional field of food with big data and AI to redefine the catering industry to a standardized and large-scale catering business.

The Investment of God Big Data

If books represent knowledge and science is progress, then the nature of Internet is science and technology, but not only limited to transmission of messages. In other words, it is the people-oriented data applications. Further expanding the concept is “how big the world is and how many people there are, and there will be how much of your personal wealth in the commercial landscape.”  Data became the new bacon. For a computer scientist, the most important thing is to imagine, to realize, apply, and change people’s lives.

Therefore, R & D is to discover new knowledge for new market needs. The successful innovation is not driven by technology but the market. God Big Data’s scientific research is a glimpse of this theory, and began to create an enterprise that integrate big data and engage in intelligent research data applications.

In this generation of technology where involved in artificial intelligence and Internet of things, only by controlling data and technology can we have the opportunity to become the “God of Big Data” who controls the fate of human. In this regard, theology cannot be quantified and confirmed by data, but data science can, so it is more fascinating and even more influential than the country.

The Planning of Big Data Marketing Supplier

Starting from the base point, the intelligent marketing system explored by big data penetrates all enterprise data, and uses artificial intelligence technology to deeply absorb and analyze data, and use it to create a personalized and more targeted recommendation structure to predict customer demand. The value of realizing the realization of big data technology that subdivides customers to reach the consumer groups of all levels. This drives the industry’s upgrades and continuous marketing results from the upgrade of consumption.

Today, the rapid development of the Internet has generated a large amount of business data, structured data and unstructured data. Only by presenting more valuable information from these data sources and advising on various corporate decisions, it is necessary to combine the big data that has been mined back with the important delivery technologies. According to the requirements of business marketing, respond to the characteristics of different customers, products and channels in the market, and then formulate individual recommendation strategies based on customer value levels, and calculate the actual benefits generated by customer use and services. Fully understand the contribution of each customer and provide decision support for each company. The project implementation process is composed of three parts: customer’s personal capital, accurate recommendation system’s demand forecast and customer value. Develop and validate using machine learning models.

In the face of fierce competition in the industry and the impact of the Internet, the backward sales, telemarketing, and even door-to-door visits have not kept up with the changes in the era of big data. The use of big data marketing can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and the omnipotent operation invisibly saves the cost for the enterprise. Although many companies have basic information such as customer information and transactions, they have not been able to exploit the huge amount of data in or outside the industry, and still stay in the traditional business rules model. This just reveals the need for big data in China’s science and technology field, and it also shows that the Internet, mobile Internet, big data marketing, and artificial intelligence have become the trend of enterprise development.

In view of this, God Big Data has access to a large amount of various types of data, and from multiple aspects, it links the internal data of the enterprise for cross-application to the market in order to generate greater value. The more comprehensive the data collected, the more rational and objective the conclusions will be.

For the case of big data marketing, the use of big data technology research and development to complete optimization, machine identification in-depth investigation of customer behavior, big data intelligent decision-making system, in accordance with user needs, preferences, attributes, to attract new customer groups for the enterprise. The implementation of multi-dimensional monitoring and intelligent analysis can meet the precise marketing services required by enterprises, i. Let the data be infinitely close to consumers’ internal needs, and ii. Integrate data and networks to add to any marketing subject, consumer group and product. iii. Use data to extend more and more innovative marketing postures to increase customer stickiness and loyalty.

At the same time, in the face of different customer characteristics products, select appropriate multiple channels for launch, and develop different market promotion. Than recommends the right products to each customer, helps customers find the right suppliers, and strengthens product purchasing power to market share. Because of the research and development of science and technology, its ultimate purpose is to find new customers for “commercial applications” and “application on users” and provide new resources for the industry.