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Internet delivery format - the core assets of realizable

For online drama, video and TV, film, the biggest difference in the production process is different, it is not only for the majority of online audiences, but also in the creation, according to the data to calculate the taste of the masses as a compilation, to achieve cost savings and control ratings benefit.

This refers to Internet filming, not a video of traditional understanding, but an art that can turn traffic, data into a brand-driven business, and turn it into money.

1. Traffic: Delivering a favorite video or profile to the viewer, inadvertently in the normal content, with a product recommendation such a logic, as the basis for the realization of traffic.
2. Data: Through the data to know the direction of the people’s favorite to create, in order to improve the targeted playback efficiency, which is more professional than the lack of any data reference, can reflect the browsing rate.
3. Brand: According to the brand, character and image familiar to the user, use the key leader opinion KLO to create net red, celebrity effect. Improve people’s attention, occupy the audience’s subconscious and form a follower fan culture.

As a network promoter, in order to enable video content to reach more new supporters, the company must also find a trading website with large traffic, more viewers and more attention to achieve high marketing efficiency. It is best to see it on every platform, but it is not always possible to let the operators go to the platform of one family to try.

Big data Analytics help to find someone -

One-stop professional service

If you have a third-party professional data provider that can provide one-stop technology services, there is no need to sign up with other media. Just do it for everyone to see, someone to find, someone to buy, it is to achieve the purpose. In order to make the whole business process more relevant to the needs of the industry, the use of technology carriers, with conventional software to artificial intelligence operations, with computer information science, computer science, data science, statistics, psychology, multimedia technology and other disciplines support, knowledge The application of high-end video recording equipment, such as level shooting, animation production, special effects and other original creations, while having big data and diverse information asset support, must provide big data marketing services, can find out what products are suitable for what kind of consumer groups, and promote the realization. For some companies that cannot deliver suitable information from person to person, and can’t solve all Internet technology problems, it is impossible for the enterprise chain to complete the desired ending. To know that the essence of the Internet is technology, the object is data. The scope of big data marketing is to investigate the unclear factors of the market, to understand consumers and meet customer needs, even if you do not need to sell, people will take the initiative to buy and contribute.

Return on advertising investment ROI

The value that the industry should return through advertising investment includes the purpose of fame and fortune, and the profit is related to the continuous support of new propaganda. The more frequent the display, the more abundant the income. In the same way as the stock market, capital is collected from the market in advance by the consumption power of the masses, and capital is taken in a short time.

For example, an advertisement for an advertising fee is a one-person investment, plus various data analysis, targeted injection, together with shooting, production, etc., I am afraid it has already exceeded the advertiser’s budget. In fact, according to the ratio of the ratio of 1 to 3, that is, the realization of one transaction in three people, including the bargaining of data and sales, in fact, far more than the value of the capital, equivalent to special offers.

It should be noted that the social promotion effect, if the click interaction rate is 40%, is already a very high click rate. If an ad appears 10,000 times and the number of clicks is 500 or 5%, the average hit rate in Asia is currently 1.5%, which is a popular product.