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Promote cultural heritage, the square Fuzhou Noodles that only available in Yong Peng, Malaysia.

With big data, it is easy business everywhere. 

The introduction of discounts on holidays, holidays and weekends is one of the most important means of attracting tourists, restaurants and resorts. Even if you are a restaurant owner, you need big data support. Who is our customer? When will they come? How can we effectively reach out to these consumer groups? How would the big data from a restaurant tells the business what to do?

In big data, all transactions will create data in customer behavior:

In big data, all transactions, customer behavior will produce data: 1. Who bought your things? Have you been to your store? 2. Who has been there several times? 3. Which of your family is best to sell? 4. When is the best seller? 5. Why is it popular? Even if it is a hawker selling scorpions, big data will tell you where to put the file, what taste is best to sell?

Whoever masters big data, whoever is likely to win in the industry

In order to achieve operational efficiency, big data mainly follows two parts. It is the internal data and the feedback data of the guests. Even if the consumers reach once, their consumption power, what they likes, will be recorded down. 

For site selection, big data can not only analyze the flow of nearby people, but also the consumption characteristics of the crowd, surrounding business conditions, market competitors, etc. As long as the owners can make good use of these big data, they can control the actions of customers and become more practical, efficient, making money is also very easy.