Malaysia Brand

People look for brands and find products for people. The unbeaten brand can be based on whether it can occupy the mind of the consumer. The short-term push exposure cannot create an invincible brand. It must be said that it will be a selling point for decades. Even if the brand is hit again in the future, users will never change the brand.

The main purpose of marketing – in addition to fully understanding the needs of the consumer group is to let consumers know the brand, so that products and services meet the demand, without selling, consumers will automatically buy. This is the famous saying of Peter Drucker, the authority of modern management.

As hundreds of millions of web users continue to create vast amounts of information, if they can turn it into consumer data, the daily behavior and related research, search, visits, transactions, social activities, etc., have provided clarity for corporate brands. Clear clues. After integration, companies can get a complete and accurate picture of consumer behavior. To enhance brand awareness, authority, and even market share for the company, and thus form consumer loyalty to the brand.

Non-associative relationship in relevance


The Michelin Guide, published in the 20th century, was originally the French Michelin Tire Company, a dietary guide for French motorists to recommend the superiority of their tire brand. Later, it developed into the most authoritative catering evaluation book in the world. Due to the authority of its Michelin brand, it has created numerous catering industry giants, and its value content will promote the Michelin brand for a long time and become a valuable asset. This is an example of the relevance of big data marketing non-associativity. The value of big data itself is to find related relationships, not causal relationships, to pursue correctness in vagueness, rather than errors in precision, superior to blue ocean policy.