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The customer’s behavior has too many secrets

If a company wants to win more profits, it must first understand the needs of the consumer group. Only when the customer’s needs are met, the purchase behavior will be repeated.

So, what kind of service can meet customer needs?

1. Customer Positioning – It is the selection of services from a wide range of consumers and needs to meet the needs of different levels of consumption. That is what kind of business you want to do, and what kind of customer you are looking for.

2. Customer psychology – its confusion includes

     (i) Where should I go when I am free?

     (ii) saving money

     (iii) I don’t know what to buy

     (iv) take a lot of laziness

     (v) I want to be special

If a company can’t take care of the psychological reaction of a large customer base, how can it provide customers with products and services.

3. Consumption upgrades – In addition to meeting customer requirements, it is important to know that consumers are more interested in the experience and the most comfortable consumer experience. Because the customer wants not the product, but the spiritual enjoyment of self-satisfaction. More importantly, it is necessary to satisfy the group’s sense of peace of mind when combining shopping, entertainment and food.

4. Product promotion – quality, image, business location. Determining the nature of the source of the customer will also indirectly affect the company. Like a powerful store, it is sure to choose a prime location to open a storefront. The purpose is to have a high population density and let the daily flow determine the sales volume, which is extremely beneficial to the pricing.

5. Rejuvenation – This kind of customer source structure can ensure customers’ permanent and continuous patronage, and the consumption power will also increase year by year. When a higher turnover is obtained, the quality of the products can be guaranteed and a virtuous circle can be formed.

6. Data Management – With big data, you can clearly screen out the customers you want, which is the development position, and can obtain consumer information in many ways. Through the intelligent sensing system, we can collect and analyze the social attributes of consumers around the clock, the living habits of the people around them, and the root causes of consumption behaviors, which can outline a brand new business empire for the mall.

Only in the field of big data, the hands of enterprises will be “infinite possibilities.”

God Big Data Founder | Food Critic Malaysia Jacky Liew

God Big Data Founder | Food Critic Malaysia Jacky Liew

Jacky Liew is a award-wining food critic in Malaysia, better known by his pen name Food Master. He possess the title of "Food Critic Malaysia" and "Fod God". Due to his outstanding performance, he was conferred Medal for Outstanding Public Service from the tenth Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia (equivalent to king). It is the great honor for him who trusted by the king to make a descriptive record of royal. He is also a recipient of World Food Gourmet Badges and inducted as Chevalier.
Furthermore, he was ranked among star chefs of Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan in 2014 and included in "Who's who compilation among 100 years" in 2012.

He is also a lecturer and advisor of Today Agriculture College in 2002. In 2006, he was invited to become the National Business Coordinator in Nanyang Press. In 2007, he was involve in political commentary who met with 119 politicians. He won Outstanding Paper Award in 2017. In 2018, Jacky was the research object in the master thesis of University Abdul Rahman Food Review and Its Implication on Malaysia Chinese Food Consumption by Wan Mee San.

Now, he is transformed his path from food review writing to online film recommendation and extends to big data, cloud computing and digital technology. He is dedicated in redefine the current gastronomical field and selection of best food through "data analysis-based promotion" and "intelligent machine technology". This is helping to build a new smart catering and F&B industry.

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