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The health care industry can be said to be a data-based industry. In Malaysia, there are many companies have begun to explore big data for development. They use big data in various area such as marketing, products, pricing, services, management, etc. to create medical, insurance, health care and other business prospects.

Big data marketing has a unique advantages in MLM and insurance industry. First, it requires massive of data amount and assistance of technology. The core is to predict the future value. If there is data shows that lemon juice mix with Panados (medicine) able to cure colds. Even that the company able to find out the specific pharmacological mechanism behind it, it has become less important.  Because all what consumers wish to know is where to get the cheapest, even they do not when the shopping malls will cut the price. It doesn’t matter, because big data will tell consumers what it is, not the other way round. 

Health industry example

For example, if data collect a personal data shown A like binge eating, we should recommend slimming medical products. For those who constantly drank wine, we should recommend liver-protecting drugs or introduce blood pressure-lowering health products to people with high blood pressure. These are the targeted customers who can be found through accurate data. Big data can be used to judge whether the customer can benefit from some customized health care products. At the same time, other health plans can be launched according to the needs, and even reward mechanisms can be set up to encourage customers to take the initiative complete the health treatments.

When developing health care products, they health care product entrepreneur should be based on market demand, innovate products or improve existing products, and improve their own competitiveness, so as to introduce personalized products for different customer groups to meet market needs.

Big data can be used to predict the patient’s susceptibility and other adverse conditions for certain diseases. This is helping them to reduce the time and cost of the treatment process, and achieve predictive effects by analyzing the customer’s personal health record and pharmacy data or through social networking sites. The client often inadvertently discloses the personal medical condition and collects it with data collection technology. This is to judge whether the customer has a chance to recover from chronic diseases by designs some insurance plan recommendations.

Insurance industry example

God Big Data Founder | Food Critic Malaysia Jacky Liew

God Big Data Founder | Food Critic Malaysia Jacky Liew

Jacky Liew is a award-wining food critic in Malaysia, better known by his pen name Food Master. He possess the title of "Food Critic Malaysia" and "Fod God". Due to his outstanding performance, he was conferred Medal for Outstanding Public Service from the tenth Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia (equivalent to king). It is the great honor for him who trusted by the king to make a descriptive record of royal. He is also a recipient of World Food Gourmet Badges and inducted as Chevalier.
Furthermore, he was ranked among star chefs of Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan in 2014 and included in "Who's who compilation among 100 years" in 2012.

He is also a lecturer and advisor of Today Agriculture College in 2002. In 2006, he was invited to become the National Business Coordinator in Nanyang Press. In 2007, he was involve in political commentary who met with 119 politicians. He won Outstanding Paper Award in 2017. In 2018, Jacky was the research object in the master thesis of University Abdul Rahman Food Review and Its Implication on Malaysia Chinese Food Consumption by Wan Mee San.

Now, he is transformed his path from food review writing to online film recommendation and extends to big data, cloud computing and digital technology. He is dedicated in redefine the current gastronomical field and selection of best food through "data analysis-based promotion" and "intelligent machine technology". This is helping to build a new smart catering and F&B industry.

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