Ultimate Mystery - Smart Build Ads

What is the nature of big data? It’s the idea of ​​people, and the Internet is just about changing the way people approach each other as marketing. In the future economic structure, the service provider economy and the delivery economy are affecting people’s lives. Through big data marketing smart push, we make very clear predictions for one person and even countless people, including spending power, preferences, behavior, leading people to accept recommendations before Internet marketing, which is the most practical power of big data marketing.

By intelligently identifying customers and matching machine models, hundreds of thousands of pattern designs can be made each day, that is, the entire transaction is entrusted to the big data smart system to actively complete customer service. It can also vary from person to person, pushing the information of interest to the consumer group that is needed immediately. This is the most subtle and creative creative technology of the entire supporting intelligent machine structure. It is even possible to quantify all data, regardless of industry, demand, consumption, interest, etc., to track the source of business for the industry all the time.

For example, if someone wants to have a wedding, buy a new house, or enter the furniture, if they can detect the newcomers’ minds in advance, the intelligent generation will immediately follow the owner’s intentions, recommend the banquet building for the main family, and dynamically adjust the hotel or gift vouchers. A supply chain that forms a one-stop service for all the items required for marriage, and attaches the service plan to the desired project in a very short time.

Example 1 - Wedding

Example 2 - Birthday

Through the human consumption record, we can predict what someone will follow next. Another day, someone will receive such a message, tonight is the birthday of the deity, whether you need to book a certain restaurant hotel service or send a discount roll to someone’s father as a gift. According to the intelligent analysis, we can know that the probability that someone will order is extremely high, which makes the industry more confident to maintain the operating level, improve efficiency, obtain higher profits and achieve cost savings.

Big data marketing has changed the core functions of the traditional retail industry. For example, most clothing ordering websites use the model in which the customer submits the figure and edits the clothing recommendation. If you can combine the style data with the cross-checking of the sales records, you can give each person a unique clothing recommendation to provide the best service for the customer.
In addition, the data can also be used to predict trends, based on this, to stimulate global trade, analyze the impact of current fashion on fashion trends, and inform the industry to make appropriate adjustments.
In such a big data platform, the main friends of the festive banquet will be friends or relatives, as the target consumer group. For those who want to participate in the feast after a few days, I don’t know what to wear. After holding the date, place, occasion, and what kind of banquet form, add variables to consider, like weather, visitor level, application machine algorithm, intelligent generation design, continuous combination of scenes from hundreds of pieces of fashion, showcase the dressing show recommended to the user. After seeing such a high-quality transport fashion show with a combination of scenes, the conversion rate of the final purchase will be 70% higher than the online order.
By analogy, this is not only for the clothing industry, any of the same goods, can be used in this way, with the ever-changing scenes to match the merchandise display promotion, as a stimulus to buy, online shopping spending power.

Example 3 - Feast