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Five stages of big data marketing

Big Data = Big Sales

The first stage

Widely Known Wide-ranging Coverage

Apply mash push form or one to one push form to make whole country exposure. It may expand the effect to a widely known position and occupy the customer’s psychological impression. The feature is that the coverage level is wide and it can usher in explosive growth of traffic. Applicable to the general public, profitable product marketing. Through the coverage of the technology of the whole people, it can also turn the high-traffic volume into volume, and quickly increase the popularity, so as to reach the opportunity to promote products and develop the market. The exposure guarantee is the guarantee of the number of people covered.

Nature – As the salesperson is sent to the national area every day, help the company find customers, recruit business, and strive for performance

Features: Large traffic

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Large-scale country coverage

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Cover more than 81% of the national population and able magnify target to every meters of community

Data display

You will find that the bigger the data size, the better the result.

Product select for target

That is, the product will be bought by someone, meaning that the customer selected by the big data algorithm will be taken away by the product.

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​Support business characteristics of agent or limited regional 

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Precise geographical location, using the fencing principle, the precision can reach the granularity of the block, which is conducive to the beauty and catering industry.

Second Phase

Hit on what people likes, Target Precisely

The definition is effective when you are looking for the right person. In particular, I understand the “choice of people” marketing. It means to accept the object according to the content of the product, to accurately, timely and effectively give the right person the right information, mainly not to recruit more people, but to vote for others, complete the goal to set up to get business.
Nature – Equivalent to several groups of field workers every day, selling different products in different places, collecting the customer base for the company, seeing their customers, opening the market, looking for orders, and automatically fighting for the company.

Third Phase

Follow the Consumers' Behaviour

That is, someone at a certain time, at a certain place, suddenly searched for something that happened to be casual, and after a file named Cookie, they followed the user to see the message the user was looking for. When you want it most, send it.
More unique – it is able to completely dig away competitors’ customers.
Nature – For example, the business representatives sincerely serve the intended customers until the customer is satisfied.

Forth Phase

Predict Future, Data Analytic

Excellent entrepreneurs, who will hold a large amount of information in the market to discuss, think about the future market earlier than the other party, monitor the opponent through data analysis, and use the core ideas of consumers as the estimation standard, and correct the marketing techniques. Be closer to the enemy, know yourself and know each other, win every battle.
More peculiar – is to let many entrepreneurs entangle, why valuable customers are not on our side, with the data analysis of the absorption technology, you can directly transfer the other customer to their own.
Nature – The greatest value of data analysis is not an after-the-fact review. Instead, predict that skip advertising direct sales.

Ultimate Secret

Machine Recognition, Intelligent Push

When the website appears to be moving, the keywords entered by a user are captured, and the versatile machine recognition is entered into the targeted creative immediately.
Before the user’s intention has not changed, pre-combining content that focuses on the user’s mind, directly design and present, from time to time can also adjust dynamic and targeted creativity, generating thousands of intelligent advertising in the shortest time, as different from person to person Push.
Nature – Data changes the way companies market, and cumulative experience is no longer a matter of personnel, but is done based on consumer behavior data. The future salesperson is no longer a human being, but a professional data forecasting model that matches the machine learning humanity and models the upgrade to a consultant-level robot or virtual human service.

Our transmission technology – 100 sets of virtual machines

Data Science Cutting-Edge Program

100 sets of one to one virtual machines

Unique selling point

Break through the Internet to limit users’ transmission technology

One-to-one marketing of peer-to-peer services – One-to-one marketing or peer-to-peer services for one-to-one Internet users from one person to no limit using one hundred sets of virtual mobile terminals. By continuously and intensively pushing a large amount of information to individual users, it is possible to personalize the customization effect and lock the target mass application information push, which is equivalent to a two-person confidential point-to-point call.

Network tracking technology

By filtering a series of customer data streams of users’ geographic locations, keywords, products, consumption and preferences, you can know what is the most popular product in the region, and then based on the news posted by the customer, you can search for potential customers and use them to generate Data is profitable, and accurate data, once combined with social media data, will be very accurate for future predictions.

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Data Analysis

Enterprises rely on data to make wealth and monopoly market share

Market deconstruction based on the generation of big data, mainly in the deep mining, find the object password of each group of common features in the database, and extract the intrinsic value storage. Then divide it into different levels. After visualization, it combines customer matching attributes, interest tags and behavioral feature analysis to find out the value correlation of data as a process of consumption trend prediction and delivery. The economic value of data will be reflected in the most terminal of big data: analysis and utilization.

Merchants can even model their customers’ consumption records and predict future purchases, and then design the required activities and personalized services to prevent customers from moving to competitors.

For example, if a female client is inadvertently revealed on the Internet when she goes to the obstetrics and gynaecology pre-diagnosis, she can dig out dozens of products related to pregnant women for marketing. From pregnant women’s clothing to baby products discount coupons mailed to customers, even for the next few years, can be introduced to mothers by the baby growth cycle, to form long-term loyalty.

Ultimate Secret

Intelligence Push

Smart AD Generation

New technology ecological orientation

The work of data scientists has been intelligently created by machine identification as a test to create new intelligence and achieve higher performance data marketing.

User-modeling of the intelligent generation design system with machine learning capabilities, by training the machine to identify data as a result of precise selection of targets. Data algorithms can be used to gain unprecedented insight into user needs from millions of people. Which part of the content is good, so as to tap the potential customers, and then formulate guidelines according to marketing needs, use artificial intelligence technology to interpret customer psychology, apply creative orientation before or after purchase, and make some changes to the design of the customer. Generate new copy files immediately, improve real-time response to continuous marketing, and make more dynamic adjustments. Improve product purchasing power and gain customer accuracy.

Our intelligent machines – automated generation design

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Compare accommodation consumption for users to check Establish customer viscosity
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Our wisdom research and development – APP products

App Online Smart System

The development of professional app system is conducive to online ordering, ordering and payment, and providing consumers with more flexible convenience under the line. It can definitely meet the psychological needs of the new generation for service-oriented

Robotic Intelligence Service

With the advancement of science and technology and the upgrading of consumer culture, smart theme restaurants have begun to build their own robots as smart ordering devices, while the robots controlled by foreign first intelligent concept store have voice recognition and semantic understanding technology. Complete ordering service for customers.

Sources from Internet 

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Robotic catering service

Sources from Internet 

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Nobody restaurant ordering and mechanical arm bartending

Detailed Tracking Report


Reverse investigation is a brand risk monitoring. It provides insight into the crisis and provides legal assistance to protect the reputation of the company.
If the network activity during the online period is detected before the negative dissemination, the rumors of disrupting the business will be resolved as soon as possible to ensure network security.

National-specific data validation

In order to avoid fraud, comply with brand safety standards and transparency, clickstream analysis can be used together with data to identify false numbers, avoid fraud, and avoid financial losses. Operators can request technology companies to provide audit marks and assess the appropriateness. It should be noted that even a visitor is more powerful than buying fakes. Being able to turn this person into a customer is a real economic effect.

KPI Key Performance Indicators for Operators

- No longer need traditional questionnaires

Big data is the use of all data for market research report analysis. When companies are doing marketing planning and product production, they must first understand the overall situation, take care of the market trends, review the expectations of quality outside, and give the company support. Responsible for the public, to control the human and material resources involved in the relationship, to develop countermeasures, to lead the customer group behavior.

A Smart Marketing

Achieve great business with small costs

It can be defined by the industry, negotiated according to needs, adjust conditions, and better target the results.
Simply connect through the network or online communication, so that enterprises can also apply to the resources, science, technology and information resources of large organizations and groups to plan high-quality value-added services for the operators.

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God Big Data Founder | Food Critic Malaysia Jacky Liew

God Big Data Founder | Food Critic Malaysia Jacky Liew

Jacky Liew is a award-wining food critic in Malaysia, better known by his pen name Food Master. He possess the title of "Food Critic Malaysia" and "Fod God". Due to his outstanding performance, he was conferred Medal for Outstanding Public Service from the tenth Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia (equivalent to king). It is the great honor for him who trusted by the king to make a descriptive record of royal. He is also a recipient of World Food Gourmet Badges and inducted as Chevalier.
Furthermore, he was ranked among star chefs of Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan in 2014 and included in "Who's who compilation among 100 years" in 2012.

He is also a lecturer and advisor of Today Agriculture College in 2002. In 2006, he was invited to become the National Business Coordinator in Nanyang Press. In 2007, he was involve in political commentary who met with 119 politicians. He won Outstanding Paper Award in 2017. In 2018, Jacky was the research object in the master thesis of University Abdul Rahman Food Review and Its Implication on Malaysia Chinese Food Consumption by Wan Mee San.

Now, he is transformed his path from food review writing to online film recommendation and extends to big data, cloud computing and digital technology. He is dedicated in redefine the current gastronomical field and selection of best food through "data analysis-based promotion" and "intelligent machine technology". This is helping to build a new smart catering and F&B industry.

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