Industry 4.0

Mingchun Food Industry Co., Ltd.
Factory side

Smart entrepreneurs build analytical models through past consumer behavior data. We will predict the next purchase list for consumers, and then collect the products that future customers are likely to buy, and continue to pay for them.

Through the order records of its customer base, it is possible to know what type of customer this belongs to, such as retail, wholesale, mobile, fixed or one-time trading, so that the distinction can make the supply contribute to a large market return. Before the launch, you can use the mail information or web-based push to actively give customers new product guides or coupons, so that the marketing becomes very personalized, and the factory sales can also be based on customer order preferences for several months. Time, carry out more targeted promotions, thereby increasing the flow of goods, and even tracking the rate of return of coupons, to understand the situation on the market. Accurately calculate the return on investment, and then through the existing in-plant data, for those low-cost operators can accept the cost range in the company, provide such customers with a cheap and good preferential treatment, and sell the stagnant goods, Attracting a large number of customers to reflow and taking into account other products, driving ample funds, suitable for factory direct sales, corporate online shopping or use in the annual dumping.