Commercial intangible wealth - customers

The hardest part of doing business is to find a source of customers. When you control how much data is outside, you can earn income for the industry.

The essence of the world is a big data and an important part of all mankind. Connect huge amounts of data to Internet user characteristics, integrate the real economy, and maximize profitability as a big data economy. By then, how big the world is, how many people there are, and your business map, personal wealth, there are several, how many.

Targeting Function

According to the needs of the industry, the person or group selected by the selection condition is displayed and displayed only for the purpose of showing the goal, and provides various orientations, including the orientation orientation defined by itself, as a precise positioning consumer group. Become a result of money.

​Ideal Combination Targeting

Divided into three parts

Part I of the basic attribute orientation: use time, region, character attributes.
Part II Up and Down Matching Orientation: Interest Orientation Contact Behavior Orientation
Part III of the behavior-oriented combination of new customer demand orientation: that is, the satellite orientation is pulled into the customer, and the re-selling is directed to recall the first customer, and the new customer is looking for similar customers with similar behavior.
Combined orientation is a combination of several orientation technologies, perfecting the business philosophy of “My resources are your source”.

**Every targeting is paid at different charges

Targeted Advertising

Advanced development Part I Basic Targeting

Match the right products to the right customers with the right time, the right place, the right character attributes.

1 Time Targeting

You can ask for the date to be determined as a certain week of a certain day, which day or on the festival, even the fake, and the agreed time of Sunday to make multiple frequency pushes.

Effect Evaluation:

Emphasis on timeliness – Mainly influence, know how to seize the opportunity, in the time of the masses’ decision, follow the ups and downs, naturally become a temporary choice, earn more than the industry, improve the impact on ready-made customers, improve the timely needs Sales.

Usually used in special offers, introduce stores, brand information, the masses will be led one by one to the store, and can use the website name, website, trademark, product, company name and some simple words, push in the form of online flyers, pursue cost-effective, At a small fee, you can get the most people’s patronage effect, and truly reveal that the masses do receive news and outperform traditional flyers.

2 Geographical Targeting

Since many businesses have regional characteristics, they have become a necessary business trend, that is, according to local conditions, according to the location of the target customer, support business needs, and supply local demand for regional push.

Effect Evaluation:

Regional effect – With the business location as the core, several areas near the extension are brought together for large-scale push, as a person who attracts waves of waves to come to the local area. That is to grasp the popularity and local income. Further expansion is the mass information spread to the national population, with greater traffic and fame

3 Demographic Targeting

According to gender, age, education, occupation, marriage, income, ethnicity, beliefs and other character attributes, targeted marketing for customers with appropriate marketing objectives

Effect Evaluation:

For applicability – for example, to automatically mark Halal halal food for Muslims or to promote which consumer products are best for which consumers. The purpose is to show the right products to the right people, especially to stimulate buying, and is popular with the public.

Advanced Development Part II Up and down matching orientation

​Through the requirements of the specific content of the webpage and the attribute of the target character, the interest tag corresponds to the behavioral feature, and the optimization result of the upper and lower matching orientation is completed.

4 Content and Contextual Targeting

According to the interests and needs of the masses, people who find common interests can match the content of the products of interest and make personalized pushes.

Effect Evaluation:

Personality matching – refers to the accurate matching push after understanding the user’s interest by referring to the data or user historical data when the masses first browse the page.
For example: Someone just surfed the Internet to find a beauty tutorial, and for this interest, soon the page will match the corresponding beauty products. In time to drive the purchase of emotions, and then optimize the combination of behavioral orientation, through Cookie Mapping, we can also know who the customer is using, promote the matching supply, and then send another SMS to ask other operators whether they are interested in showing better. Similar products, even affiliated with more related products to customers, this is the joint point that the consumer group can’t stop to buy, and bring more satisfactory value-added service experience to all parties.

5 Categories Targeting

According to the nature of the supplier’s business, each user or group is analyzed and defined according to the needs of the counterparty, and the special interest tag or commercial marketing label is added for custom push.

Effect EValuation:

Pay attention to supply and demand – choose special interest tags and commercial marketing tags to help you find the target customer base. The more labels that are aggregated in each category, the wider the coverage of commercial customers.

Specific Interests Tag

Special topics are distributed to various platforms, groups or personal homepages according to various interest tags. For example, kitchen utensils for the hotel industry, the restaurant industry, direct Internet marketing.

Commercial Marketing Tag

According to the brand and product label, the manufacturing industry is classified into shopping malls, supermarkets, and online stores for O2O online and offline marketing. Each year, the company saves the intermediary agent and other large expenses, and creates the direct profit of the Internet.

Example: education, health products, electronic products

Part III Behavior-Oriented Advertising

Behavioral orientation focuses on the impromptu behavior of people, not on website promotion. The search mark analysis is carried out in the Cookie code segment to find out the common behavior characteristics of the potential target consumer groups. The relevant information is pushed to the customer group of the common behavior characteristics for marketing.

6 Behavioral Targeting

The application network tracking technology cookie obtains the current browsing page of the user or the user’s instant interest, and performs a targeted advertisement that continuously follows the person’s behavior.

Effect Evaluation:

Follow the human nature – for example, if someone wants to buy a house, they will always pay attention to the property information. Regardless of which website they are logged in, they will pay attention to decoration and furniture. If there is a one-stop guide for real estate, the use of behavior-oriented search capabilities will always follow the delivery as a suggestion, and the business will work.

Behavior-targeted ad serving criteria
Directly transform customers into more cash value by user behavior data collected by the Internet

Advanced expansion behavior-oriented added value · new customer demand orientation

Targeting the vast amount of Internet data, we identify potential customers, such as repeat customers, business customers or behavioral customers, and then create new customer traffic through mutual friendships to obtain the largest consumer surplus in the gray area of ​​the market.

​7 Hyper-local Targeting

The accuracy of satellite navigation and positioning is completely up to the precise position of several meters in the street. This is more likely to be locked into sales targets by the consumer-centric consumer groups, and can push the effect inward and intercept the customers.

Effect Evaluation:

Circles, push effects – is a kind of orientation that can quickly see the effect, that is, in the target range of satellite positioning, the consumer group that is being searched for and converted into a customer in time, spend money to buy their own products, become a delineated Valuable customer resources.

For example, when someone enters a business district with a mobile device, the accuracy of geolocation can be on everyone’s mobile computer, each mobile phone, within the trigger point receive a special offer from a merchant, enter new sources of goods, store activities and other information, and then pull people to the store.

The options can be refined according to the state, city, county and township to the community users or even indoor positioning, so that the local strong industry, in the desired outside of the store, like a circle to the marketing group to send marketing information, will immediately activate the same circle The effect is to achieve instant return and timely return on the return.

8 Re-Targeting

Support to re-issue specific information to the past for a period of time to the platform of the practitioner or to click on the content outside the page and have contacted the old visitors. After understanding the situation according to the user evaluation, the recalled original customer returned to the website to support the remarketing push.

Effect Evaluation:

Responsible customers – Recalling customers who have lost before, recommending more appropriate marketing to change their minds to accept the company’s products, not only will increase the purchase opportunities, but also get customers, retain users, and drive the unrequited accounts to regain their anger. Therefore, it is recognized as the most accurate and most effective orientation form. Because the number of visitors is unique to the customer, it is a customized label with a small coverage. The other biggest reason is that there are too many foreign competitors in the same industry competing for the same site, and the resources are limited.

​9 Look-Alike Targeting

According to the original circle of friends in the station, and then join the friends in the circle of friends or from the market to receive other customers with similar behaviors as the same customers, to obtain the most potential consumer groups, as a common push.

Effect Evaluation:

Nepotism – Everyone knows that people can influence each other. For example, in a social circle of sports, it is not difficult to find a sports enthusiast who shares the same interests. The homepage must also have a common lover or a new entrant, and use the common association to draw more people with similar hobbies.
Applying mechanical identification, all the way to capture these potential audiences hidden in the data, under the influence of each other’s interests, will be spread out like hot topics, let everyone endorse the brand at the same time, the focus here is on the behavior of similar common friends, social impact The stronger the force, the greater the marketing effect.

​Data Analysis Phase - Association Targeting and Unrelated Association Targeting

10 Association Targeting

In the big data mining process, the correlation network between the data is detected. Through the regularity of the values of two or more variables, the association or mutual relationship is found as the corresponding relevance orientation.
From the user’s recent online search frequency, which actions have been followed, analyze and calculate the user’s upcoming behavioral overview. If the time series association is added, it will predict the next time the user has a certain probability, and the known prediction is unknown. Extend the pre-push, for example: marriage, pregnancy to the child education after the child, as a judgment of subsequent consumption requirements, and then push the corresponding stage of content marketing, so the prediction generated by the correlation analysis with credibility.

Effect Evaluation:

Foreseeing the future – Relevance orientation means that, depending on the emergence of certain items in one thing, it is possible to export other items and emerge in the same thing.
For example, people who want to travel will inevitably pay attention to shopping, food, entertainment and other information, that is, users pay attention to the connection between advertising and advertising, so that people can interact with the next piece of information and interact with the next piece of information. Every action of the consumer. If we cooperate with the internal data in the database, we can also study what seems to be irrelevant, but in fact, the non-associative relationship orientation relationship behind the related data. Another example: In addition to paying attention to what is delicious, fun, good living, it is seemingly irrelevant weather, traffic, market and tourism indirectly connected, regain the correct correlation value in the fuzzy, pull more for the industry Long-term related long-term customers and potential users from asymmetric markets.

**Custom targeting

It can be defined by itself, and the conditions and requirements of the target object can be customized according to the content of the product. Appropriate adjustments to the placement rules and the number of push frequencies determine that effective substitutes can save on referral costs and the potential for customers to convert into money.

​Special network promotion form - One to One and Mass

One-to-one marketing

Peer-to-peer service

For the customer specified by the industry, through the user behavior data, analyze personal consumption habits and according to their specific purchase preferences and personalized product trends.
One-to-one customized push for point-to-point service on the mobile side or satellite positioning.

Effect Evaluation:

Confidentiality – For example, a businessman wants to introduce a high-end product, to a wealthy customer who has strong purchasing power and high spending power. According to the client’s demand for the user, the individual is locked as the core point, that is, the target person is first found and then A consumer picks up the same content and applies “single message push” to make it more targeted.
One-to-one marketing pays special attention to real-time and targeted requirements because someone has been browsing the house page in the first half of the year, and the time has passed. However, the data used a few months ago is naturally inaccurate. Through user education, career, income, and purchase intention estimation, it is possible to analyze whether someone is a good customer who can afford to pay.

Nature – Just like personal portal marketing, round-the-clock visits and door-to-door visits, a one-to-one service, mostly for private political purposes, high-end products.
If it is a medical record, the insurance information should avoid the promotion of mass-sending information, so as not to interfere with customer sentiment.

Mass Marketing

Also referred to as coverage promotion or information group transmission, it refers to a popular generalized form that can be set according to the social group attribute and can be used for national user interest, geography and specific characteristics, and is mainly presented in the user information flow. The number of orientations or population coverage can be selected by label according to the needs of the industry. The final effect depends on the creative content, and is not subject to the number of people, time and regional restrictions.

Effect Evaluation:

Especially in the short time, the coverage is very strong, and it can acquire the large amount of flow with precise orientation. For example, the recommendation for a new car can cover a lot of people, so that the country can see the new products on the market for the first time, and can point to the accuracy of the car that is particularly car-like. It can also increase the exposure for the people interested in this brand, but it is more rough. To make the promotion of the coverage population from wide coverage to fine coverage. Conservative estimates can achieve tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of coverage, from browsing to consumption, but also suitable for store opening, the latest business information, recruitment revelation and so on.