Five-star international hotel group

The key to data applications for hotels, resorts and homestays is where are the location and consumer sources? While analyzing consumer demand, improving the incremental and profitable accommodation products is a top priority.

Hotel Big Data – From customer data collection to revenue, it’s critical to adjusting hotel operations.

Accurate data analysis can help hotels accurately predict, increase efficiency and increase revenue.

In the analysis of the hotel business, it is not difficult to find that, in addition to the incomplete internal data of the hotel, and most of them are separated customers and online bookings, the hotel performance statistics are more complicated. In order to let the hotel know more about the market demand, the search will compare the household habits and consumption records, the price, including the budget that the customer is willing to accept and the price of competing hotels, resorts and hotels. These data from different aspects, analyze hotels, resorts, and hotels. Customer demand, and then classified to meet the different needs of the booking price, provide customer choice, and track the record in a variety of reservation sources, so that the industry can better understand the way and source of hotel customer reservations, in order to develop the future The basis of decision making.


The average person will look at the price more than the hotel star rating, indicating that the hotel is highly substitutable. This big data marketing can collect the customers of each hotel in the cookie record, and move the demand for the customer type of A hotel to be converted into B hotel customers, and so on, will collect the hotel customer data will inevitably become the focus of similar hotels, not only easy to obtain potential customers, but also greatly improve the hotel’s occupancy rate and overall benefits.

From Big Data through technology, intelligent machine learning integration, used in the hotel catering industry, to capture customer spending behavior, such as payment, evaluation, photographing, sharing to online orders, as a convenient exercise to attract business management, so that services are better satisfied The customer base, simply by using big data, helps management better understand customer needs:
1. The number and time of the target consumer group viewing the content of the hotel page to find new customers who need immediate service.
2. What kind of customers are the target consumer groups locked in?
3. Hotel projects that are of interest to the consumer group, providing catering services, Yuxing programs, outdoor activities, investing in customer wishes, natural consumer groups