With the marketing value from the industrial 1.0 steam engine, 2.0 electrification, 3.0 big data era to 4.0 using information technology to promote industrial change. For traditional businesses, currently, staying in the marketing 1.0 era, focusing on products, continue to maintain the traditional business. Marketing 2.0 is still brand-centric.
Entering the big data era of Marketing 3.0 is “predicting” to emphasize the future value, clear the time of the next purchase of the consumer group, extending to the industry 4.0 marketing, Tongyi refers to the use of the IOT information system to produce the supply, manufacturing, sales information, Intelligent to achieve instant, effective and accurate personalized product supply.
For the Internet, the in-depth application of the mobile Internet has penetrated into the daily life of clothing, food, housing, and travel, and it is inseparable from the progress brought by the Science and Technology Research Institute. If enterprises want to achieve faster transformation, they must There is scientific research to make changes.

Creative Video Editing

Video customization - where the focus is on, money will follow

Three levels of original creation – to show the likes to the likes, how do you like it?

The viewing effect is determined by: the will of the people + the selling point of the content + various orientations

1. Inadvertent advertising – mainly interspersed with the form presented in the content stream, such as the independent station of a large crowd, a video of recommended food, mentioning how a noodle of a noodle is “unique”. This unique word is actually a soft implant of advertising. For example, in the play, the protagonist appears in front of a large billboard, even if it is a flashing store sign, the character name is a formal advertisement. Unconsciously branding the minds of the consumer group, frame the subconscious, and do not feel resentful, abrupt, and even like it.

2. Targeted presentation – it is the orientation of the consumer group that loves to eat pasta, so that people who love to eat noodles feel good about the promotion, and even think that this is a valuable knowledge of pasta information, immediately will stimulate the want to eat. impulse.

3. Content considerations – is to collect comments on the majority of people who have seen pasta or the same type of video. After analysis and judgment, it is highly likely that everyone likes a certain type of pasta, which has become the reference application of this production core. Then, decide how to shoot, how to write? All are trying to figure out the will of the masses from big data. It is used as a creative standard by the viewer’s access to content data, behavioral data, and industry product image data. Targeted sexual transmission and film review adjustments after filming. Even with intelligent modeling, the entire network video industry chain of planning, shooting, production, push, and film development will be estimated to invest and avoid risk loss. This is no longer a pure filming of traditional film and television production.

Plan release

Graphic design is one of the industry’s most important product promotion tools and the most important part of the business. With the rise of the Internet, it is replaced by beautiful HD page composition and tempting 3D stereo poster design, which not only evokes customers’ desire to buy. It is also the embodiment of high-end enterprises. Replacing traditional paper with mobile phones and computer screens not only makes the products more realistic, but also has a stronger sense of science and technology. Make consumers more confident in their products.

For the network plane design monitoring, the intelligent machine is used to identify the effect of the delivery, and then the model is used to advertise the image for comparison, and the marketing result is consistent with the expected, what needs to be improved, and in the time stay test, through the user vision Analysis, focus of attention, and how long the sample stays eye-catching, to detect the viewer’s preference, decide whether to change the pattern during the sales period, and ensure the exposure and customer acceptance.