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Travel Spot

How to find out when visitors come to visit, first of all, you must first understand the tourists search, booking and other activities, many tourists will compare the travel price and pricing the hotel online before the trip, where to eat and live more cost-effective? As long as the data is searched, such as a consumer group that has browsed but has not placed an order, it can be analyzed through records. Knowing which accommodations, prices, regions, brands, etc., or leaving any traces of browsing, can figure out where people need to go and serve. Today’s tourists, whether traveling or otherwise, will look at the same type of reviews online, as long as they use data analysis to accurately segment them, they can give back to the tourism industry.

For example – there are a lot of tourists’ messages or photos on social media, inadvertently revealing the location, mood, date and most of the most popular places to visit, collected by statistics into valuable travel big data. When you master these data, you can know which landscapes visitors are interested in, what are the different needs and predicting future hotspots. As a promotion of tourism marketing and accurate assessment of passenger traffic, where are the tourists going this season? Is it a cultural attraction or a scenic spot? Help the scenic spots to improve sales and service quality.